Top 5 Myths


These top 5 myths keep businesses from working on government contracts.

Myth: My firm is too small and the contracts are way to large we can’t do multibillion dollar contracts
Reality : the governments we represent awards contracts to companies through us so we can break down to allow different sections to be contracted to various capable parties send us your maximum ability in dollar value we will see what is available and contact you when we have an opportunity . Contracts may be as little as $100.000 and as much as several million. or billions as I’m sure you are aware . We will zero in on the contract that’s right for you.

Myth: Government does not buy my product or service.
Reality : From hospital equipment to aerospace the government purchases an endless list of products and services. We’ll definitely show and teach you that where on the exact list of government service providers your company should fall.

Myth: There’s too much competition for government contracts and international contracts are impossible to actually win
Reality : There may in fact be many other bidders. On projects we are still the number 1 preferred bidder as we have done many past projects for the governments which we are working with. Winning government tenders is our department job and you simply have to have the abilities as one of our support companies.

Myth: The international paperwork will have me tearing my hair out since its written in foreign languages and speaks foreign law
Reality . You’ll get our exclusive “scissors” to help you cut your hair, we do everything else and handle all the stressful red tape owning our own international law firms and owning other international companies and manufacturing companies also comes in very helpful, as our group of companies has its fingers in many specialist pies . Every resource we have can be brought to bear to assist our contractors and subcontractors alike as and when required

Myth: My company must be attempting to get contracts.
Reality : Government contracts cover the whole globe with trillions of dollars in contracts awarded internationally we are strong in some locations and this is our powerhouse and we utilize all possible skill sets and win, so there is huge opportunities for quality companies to be under our umbrella organization as there protected from many issues and strategic alliance, with b2g consortium is the easy way as your company will have the strength of our whole group when it comes to your company performing works for us we assist in many things to make everything run smoothly.