Our Consortium Of Companies

Redspect International

Redspect international group of companies specialise in providing cost effective hands on support to organizations looking to achieve maximum efficiencies and best value from all of their commercial activities. Our major aim is to match demand with supply requirement.
Redspect International acts as a “centre of excellence” to bring expertise and best practice in the field of Procurement . The redspect international Team aims to ensure global compliance with all necessary legislative and legal representation.

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Core International Procurement Limited

International Procurement

Core International Procurement Mission
“Delivering innovative procurement solutions through collaboration, people and technology.”
In order to deliver on this promise we have created shared values that galvanise the way in which we work. We strive to Lead and to innovate, Enable others, Work professionally, efficiently, and ethically , Operate transparently, Deliver value for money.

In this way we know we will achieve our goals of:

  1. Collaborating with services, suppliers and external partners
  2. Empowering people to deliver best practice

Our team of experts is here to build Joint Corporation in business.

Set standards, policies and controls for procurement

  1. Measure and demonstrate procurement
  2. Provide access to training, information best practice, market intelligence
  3. Support all high value, high risk tendering
  4. Lead and or participate in tendering and managing selected corporate contracts
  5. Provide an appropriate input to major departmental contracts
  6. Be a driver for appropriate change and continuous improvement in procurement
  7. Stimulate interaction between departments and external agencies and potential partners
  8. Monitor and instruct upon departmental compliance with procurement procedures
  9. Respond to government and other agencies on new proposals
  10. Lead strategies for change
  11. Add value through consultancy services to departments and knowledge management on procurement

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Mawadda International

Mawadda International operates internationally to provide humanitarian aid for those plagued by conflict and extreme violence in order to promote such laws which safeguard sufferers of war and give direct aid where needed . Mawadda International Aid is undoubtedly an unbiased and independent charity whose solely humanitarian objective is to safeguard the lives and dignity of victims of internal war bloodshed. Mawadda international aid works in zones of high danger and newly formed governmental situations in The Middle East and North Africa and internationally where needed.
Our aims to utilize the law in a positive direction to empower poor communities and guarantee the rights of those with the fewest protections and least access to legal resources.

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Al Jawhar

Al Jawhar is working in African countries with B2G Consortium and Core International providing steel fabrication and manufacturing pre fabricated housing, construction of roads and infrastructure projects, oil and gas services in the MENA and other parts of the African nations. Al Jawhar also organizes work camp that offer, training, and enrichment opportunities. The benefits go far beyond a paycheck too. Business executives often note that experience as a work camp construction translates into excellent management and personnel skills. This assists us in the continuing infrastructure projects and development through b2g consortium of building the entire needed infrastructure utilizing our full consortium and group of companies in Africa.

Law Firm of B2G consortium

International Law Offices (int. dealing with international contracts law across Africa)
B2G law firm deal with International contract law concerns the legal rules relating to cross-border agreements. When parties from different countries enter into a contract, they are governed by international contract law and they abide by the laws of one of the countries. This type of contract law is broadly based on the idea of good faith and fair dealing in contracts. These principles are the basis of contract law in most jurisdictions. Good faith includes fair negotiations, an obligation to cooperate and good faith when terminating a contract. It also ensures that unfair contracts or deals are not enforced.
Our Law firm is a partner of B2G Consortium which relates to the cross-border dealings of individuals or companies. including governments and multinational organizations

Department within our International Consortium

B2G Consortium Grass

Together we build the future

B2G Grass – The specialist of grass technical division of B2G Consortium International Group of companies with the international headquarters in the United Kingdom.
We are the largest manufacturers specialized in high-end artificial grass solutions for government and commercial landscaping, multi-purpose development including sport stadiums and venues like football, tennis, hockey and golf. Since the introduction of artificial grass, the product has become generally accepted in most countries all over the world. Our possibilities are endless and due to our State Of The Art Machine Park and close contacts with our suppliers we are not just ahead of the curve, we are defining it.

B2G Consortium IT

B2G Consortium- provider of IT infrastructure consulting, IT support and training

B2G Consortium is a specialized IT service provider: We support businesses and people in the introduction of new technologies by design recommendations, implementation support, training and support.
The unique combination of practical, tech support, clear project management and knowledge transfer. Whether you opt for the traditional IT consulting, workshops or longer-term support services, with B2G Consortium you have a good partner for IT services to the hand.
The tasks in the IT are becoming increasingly complex, but remain on limited budgets since it is sometimes hard, to stay on the ball. This structured methodology to help IT management and transparent presentation of the costs of individual IT services.


B2G CONSORTIUM specialized in the provision of complex airport and air traffic control systems; including design, supply, installation, integration, commissioning and maintenance services.

Quality approved to BS EN 9001:2000, B2G CONSORTIUM has experience in a range of airport systems including navigational aids; communications systems; airfield lighting; integrated ATC solutions; safety cases; training and maintenance services.
Navigational Aids – ILS, DME, DVOR, NDB, DF
Integrated ATC Solutions – VHF/UHF, Voice Recording & VCCS
Communications Systems – HF, VHF and UHF
Airfield Lighting – Conventional and LED Solar Lighting
Meteorological Systems – AWOS & IRVR

B2G Consortium Communications

First Class British Engineering and Manufacturing of B2G Consortium has built a reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality rugged equipment for the communications industry.B2G Consortium can offer equipment and solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements on cost and reliability. B2G Consortium manufactured products can be backed by a B2G Consortium warranty.