Making Things Happen

These words are our mission. Making Things Happen is what we do for international governments and society, and watching Things Happen is what gives us joy and satisfaction. Our success is measured by the quality and accuracy of public services on one hand and profitability and efficiency of the private sector on the other.

Best Value for Money

B2G Consortium stands for Business to Government. We are basically an alternative method for the international government administration and multinational corporations to meet international public infrastructure’s needs and deliver quality public services. B2G Consortium is often described as the best value for money internationally. The British Government Improvement and Development organization defines best value for money as the “optimum combination of whole-life costs and benefits to meet the customer’s requirement” and this is indeed what B2G Consortium is as we take our consortium expertise international.

Challenging the Future

Today’s world stands in front of challenges such as globalization, climate change, waste utilization, aging population, the need for renewable energy and infrastructural and technological progress. Social services such as education, health care or social housing are very important. All these require intelligent and effective investment and public means alone won’t be sufficient to meet the world’s demand in the foreseeable future.

Therefore it is vital to pursue additional resources in order to allow the world continue its development. These resources can be gathered from all the potential the government sector and the private sector combined including financing, effective managing and operating tools.

Our Mission

At B2G Consortium we trust in what we believe. We care passionately about sustainable international development and aim to keep investments secure for both parties – the public and the private sector. We invest not only in B2G Consortium projects but also in relationships between people and organizations globally. The key values which have brought B2G Consortium to its unique position in the international market place are: trust, reliability, specialist, technical knowledge, reliable contract and relationships. By exploring and driving the B2G Consortium group of companies internationally over the past 30 years; we have developed/created the pioneering role where we have established an unrivaled reputation and been creating, exploring and driving the B2G Consortium values.
B2G Consortium can be defined as a Business to Government contractor. And as a private partner to our Government and multinational clients who we work with closely to achieve their goals we only wish to work with the highest quality contractors so we may create a long term relationship and strategic alliance and as such allow us to utilize their abilities with our organization under our umbrella. We continue to promote our contractor abilities and our driving force for B2G Consortium projects internationally utilizing our reputation to maximize and win major international contracts for the benefits of all our contractors/sub-contractors. At the same time we are enabling development and profits to those of the private sector who are willing to be part of the constantly growing B2G Consortium international projects.
On the high level B2G Consortium projects are involved in very early proposal stages and the most strategic fields assisting emerging markets to build-infrastructure development program in all sectors which include but it is not limited to: Oil and Gas, Power, Education, Waste Management, Green Energy, Infrastructure, Telecommunication, Housing, Social Needs, Transport, defense, urban revitalization and other public domains. B2G Consortium is a globally recognized intelligent solution for delivering cost effective and high quality public services and we see the cooperation of the public and the private sectors as a way to make the world a better place to live in.

B2G Consortium’s Focused Projects

Project’s feasibility and bank-ability assist in bringing our projects forward swiftly value for all stakeholders – this means achieving the public sector’s core objectives and giving a margin to our contractor ,

  1. Transparency and fairness of all processes leading to B2G Consortium -transaction of contracts.
  2. Transaction safety in a changing economic environment – guaranteed by international governments and multinational corporations.
  3. Flexibility – B2G Consortium project can be launched in a wide range of public domains.
  4. Drive B2G Consortium projects by highly specialized technical professionals and companies.
  5. A true partnership which means a sharing of risks as well as profits between both sides of the B2G Consortium agreement with the advantage all of the global resources and the local knowledge of B2G will be utilize to a successful implementation and to minimize to a zero risk category wherever possible in – the international public administration and the private sector.

    We will use all our resources within

our consortium to maximize the effectiveness of projects internationally including all our country offices and specialist professional manpower locally.

We are officially recognized, credited and certified by many international governments for over 30 years.
Working together as honourable and ethical companies internationally to make our contractors benefit to the maximum extent as our support companies.