Working together as honorable and ethical companies internationally our contractors benefit to the maximum extent as one of our support companies.

Why B2G Consortium?

Because we have the major contract work and the supply chain needs that your company is looking for internationally and as we require contractors of all kinds, this is a perfect partnership opportunities for you.

Never heard of B2G Consortium?

Don’t worry. This is probably because we have decided to work privately internationally30 years ago and you don’t know our other company’s names in Africa. When we first started after years of extensive and pioneering experience in the African and MENA (Middle East North Africa) regions and market. We have used this time very effectively by building our reputation as a trusted contractor for international governments and multinational organization. We own vast areas of land, own various manufacturing facilities, have a highly skilled and growing pool of man-power, we are offering opportunities for strategic alliance contractors and sub-contractors in our specialist fields of infrastructure, oil and gas and everything in between needed for new cities development. Our CEO And His Companies with the Team decided To Re-Brand the company to one which stands for first-class quality today, trust and reliability and so B2G consortium was born 2 years ago to act as a spearhead for our group of international companies and their partners and stakeholders in the international business to government arena in our centre stage location.

What is B2G consortium?

B2G is a prime organization and is highly respected from international governments. Its aim is to assist governments and brings together the latest technology, western infrastructure & services to developing countries.

How B2G consortium works?

B2G works with international governments to streamline their master planning and brings together all of the organizations and contractors to perform and supply the needs of governments.

How we serve governments?

We serve governments by making right decisions to make their projects successful. We help in development from initial thoughts and ideas to completion of the final projects.

  1. Verified contractors, manufacturers and suppliers allowing governments fresh ideas and high caliber skills sets from a trusted partner
  2. Ranking system lets us utilize the most qualified suppliers based on their past performance and past projects of working under umbrella.
  3. Our comprehensive knowledge provides a one-stop sourcing platform that eliminates the need to vet companies as they are already pre qualified with our consortium
  4. Specialized Sourcing Channels provide us in-depth information by industry across our data platform , face-to-face meetings relationships in our country offices and both interactive and print media .are all important to us

Why your company needs to partner B2G consortium? B2G consortium has the contracts for your specialist’s skills and is always seeking reliable companies to work under B2G’s umbrella organization. It will bring the following benefits;

  1. Once joining B2G will allow our group of companies to directly purchase their goods and services
  2. The individual companies regardless of their size are brought together under our umbrella, creating a much larger organization which is trusted & respected internationally. Being part of our group as a contractor or sub-contractor or supplier can only benefit your organization. The only down side is your company may not be of any interest to us unless we feel you are a perfect match and flexible enough to work within our organization.

I run a large PLC company; I understand from an associate, you subcontracted his company with multi-million pound contract. How do I arrange my company to be pre-qualified with your consortium?

Don’t hesitate to contact our office for any assistance you may require and arrange a conference call with one of our CEO or directors of our company after signing our MOU & NDA

I am in charge of multinational organization, can your consortium help us in establishing very large contracts which we are capable of executing for governments?

Regardless of your size of corporation, you must fit our criteria of highly qualified past performance and past projects. We will require a complete company portfolio and presentations and of course if selected for our consortium, your company will be in a win win situation as we do everything. Logistically we have very well established offices in countries we operate in. We will arrange visas and market entry. In fact we will allow everything which allows you to concentrate on the skills of your company as our contractor or joint venture partner.

What sort of things will I learn that can actually grow my business with the government?

All which is required from your company is a proven track record and having the ability and the reliability to supply your goods and services to us at a best and we will do the rest, you simply assist in giving full marketing and material and we will locate opportunities you can participate in for international governments

How do we know if our company has a product or service the government needs?

The government buys everything, from towers to transportation & from sub-stations to steel structures. You need to position yourself properly, seek your opportunity with the correct sector within our organization and work on eliminating weaknesses, and get a better fit for your product or service. In effect, you will be assisted to find the right road map to supply your products and services directly to our government purchasing departments in your sector correctly.