Business Development Management

B2G Consortium – Business Development

Our highly specialized business development departments’ focus on our trusted techniques designed to grow economic development and benefit society. Such techniques include: directly purchasing your goods and services for our clients and our own companies, assessments of marketing opportunities in Africa and target markets, intelligence gathering on how to best secure contracts, based on your abilities and our buying power. Our aim is to aggressively out perform all competitors, focus on generating leads for more sales, follow-up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model design, specializing in your sectors.

B2G Consortium’s business development involves evaluating your business for the markets we have been established in as the top company for 30 years. We realize full potential, using such tools as our oversees procurement department for our own companies and for our clients, marketing, sales, information management and service. These tasks are carried out by international business development offices.

Our Business Development Professionals

B2G Consortium’s professional team are very active in identifying new business opportunities-whether that means new markets, new partnerships with other businesses, new fast track ways to reach existing markets in different sectors, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets. Then we exploit those opportunities to bring in more revenue for our new and growing list of contractors who simply support us and our support chain activities.

Business Development Departments

B2G Consortium’s business development department’s first aspect is typically to identify new business opportunities based on our growing contractors and sub contractor’s abilities to support our supply chain.

This means several things, in terms of what we do. First, we stay abreast of what’s happening in our industries -what our competitors are up to in our market areas, in terms of products and service offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, and so on. Second, on an on-going basis-to understand all sectors and different strategies to respond quickly to market demand securing government and multifunctional contracts to benefit all stakeholders and parties in our supply chain and ensuring our clients are guaranteed best costing and value for money.

B2G Consortium’s business development departments also think creatively about everything, this is the part of our expertise in which we identify the best possible ways to improve your company’s sales, which can mean identifying anything from new market segments (or individual potential clients), to new sales channels to sell through our own group of companies. Also beyond to our government client’s oil and gas sector to other related products or services in the marketplace with which your company’s products or services can be combined into synergistic “co-branded” offerings through B2G Consortium’s group of companies.

The next part of the strategy is prioritizing new business opportunities we have identified. To do this, we compare the potential returns of each new opportunity to the costs which we would incur to exploit it based upon your abilities to supply us directly and our abilities to utilize the goods, services and projects.